Fayette County Texas Genealogical Society

Genealogy Research and Education

           Who We Are!

 The Fayette County Genealogical Society, is a non-profit organization created in 2007.  We are located in Fayette County, Texas. We want to help, teach, and share ideas with anyone interested in genealogy.  Its purpose is to educate and train its members in the techniques, methods, resources, and facilities used in genealogy research and how to organize and protect the results of their research. As a futher purpose, we strive to cultivate public awareness of the educational and historical value of genealogical research.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)




1. To assemble people who are interested in genealogy and in preserving family history, and to promote fellowship and cooperation among them. lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

2. To provide programs and publications for the instruction and education of interested persons, and to help others gain genealogical information.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

3. To collect and preserve family history materials and make them available to interested persons, with special emphasis on research material concerning past and present families, while working in close association with the Fayette Heritage Museum and Archives.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

4. To instill in the youth of the area an awareness of the achievements of the pioneers who settled in this area and influenced its development.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

5. To maintain and elevate genealogical standards and to stress the importance of accuracy through the careful documentation of research.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

6. To cooperate to the extent feasible with other similar societies and associations which are interested in genealogy and history.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

7. To encourage those officials in charge of public records and genealogical collections to preserve them and make them readily accessible to interested persons through printed media and the internet.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)

8. To encourage respect for and the preservation of the family unit.lfornge3.gif (726 bytes)





"From one tree

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1000 leaves may fall......

From one child

a generation is born......"

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