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The Fayette County Genealogical Society accepts Newsletter queries from members and non-members alike. If you have reason to believe that any of your ancestors lived in Fayette County at some time in the past, you are encouraged to submit a query to try to connect with others who are researching the same people. The query should be fairly short and concise, but still contain enough information to help others determine if their information is related.



I wonder if you could tell me the cemetery where the following are buried in Fayette Co.:
1.  Wilhelm Heinrich "Willie" Muske - d. 12/13/1987 (buried at Richter Cemetery, need interment date)
2.  Toni Quade Muske (spouse to above) - d. 11/15/1980 (buried at Richter Cem., need interment date)
3.  Adolph Quade - d. 11/17/1913
4.  Curtis Emil Quade - d. 4/1/1995
5.  Elfa Mundrofsky Quade - d. 7/301988
6.  Eunice Quade - d. 3/24/2004
7.  Max Ernst Quade - d. 5/5/1965
8.  Lydia Ziese Quade (spouse to Max - no date)
9.  Meta Louise Weikel - d. 616/1927
I think most, if not all, may be buried at the Richter Cemetery as in many cases the spouse is buried there.  If interment dates are given I would appreciate receiving that also.  I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.
Anita Crona
Answer from Kathy Carter at the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives
All are at Richter except Max & Lydia Quade who are at Florida Chapel
Curtis Quade & Eunice Quade are not in our database but Richter and Florida Chapel have not been fully updated in our files since the late 1980's.
If you want obituaries (that may have interment dates) you can e-mail your request to archives@cityoflg.com.  There is a fee for this lookup or you can come to the Archives and look them up yourself using microfilmed newpapers at no charge except for printouts.
1.  Wilhelm Heinrich "Willie" Muske - d. 12/13/1987 (buried at Richter Cemetery, need interment date)
2.  Toni Quade Muske (spouse to above) - d. 11/15/1980 (buried at Richter Cem., need interment date)
3.  Adolph Quade - d. 11/17/1913
4.  Curtis Emil Quade - d. 4/1/1995
5.  Elfa Mundrofsky Quade - d. 7/301988
6.  Eunice Quade - d. 3/24/2004
7.  Max Ernst Quade - d. 5/5/1965
8.  Lydia Ziese Quade (spouse to Max - no date)
9.  Meta Louise Weikel - d. 616/1927



On the 1880 census, Precinct 8, Fayette, Texas we find the Henry Breitchrez family.  Henry 42, Mary 40, August 18, Julius 13, John 10, Adolf 8, Hulda 4, Emma 2, and Leonard 1.  Henry, Mary, August and Julius are born in Prussia while the rest are born in Texas.  I am thinking that this John Breitchrez could be the same man as John Fred Britkrite or Britekruety.

On the 1900 Census, Justice Precinct 2, De Witt, Texas, there is a John F. Britekruety, age 32 listed with Lucy 25, Ethel 1 and a sister in law by the name of Emmie Cudd 11. 

I looked up the Cudd family looking for Lucy and find her in the 1880 Census, Precinct 1, Lavaca, Texas listed with her father William and possibly her mother Rachel.

On the 1910 census, Waco Ward 4, McLennan, Texas,  we find Lucy as head of the household with her children Ethel De 11, Lulu M. 9, Henry F. 7 and William M. 4.  In the column where it lists if you are married, single, etc., it looks like the letters M, W, D are all right there as if she did not know herself whether she was married or widowed.  Which is very likely that he deserted her because........we have a John Fred Britkrite who marries my 2nd great grandmother 30 Jul 1910 in Sallisaw, Sequoyah, Oklahoma.  They are listed in Oklahoma on the 1920 census.  They end up divorcing in the 1920's in which case we find John F. Britkrite on the 1930 census, Precinct 8, Bell, Texas with a wife named Ann. 

I was playing around on the internet this afternoon googling different things when I came across an obituary for a Troy West Britkrite who died in 2007 at the age of 79.  It said he was the son of John F. and Ann P. Arnold Britkrite and he was a lifelong resident of Bell County.  According to the Social Security Death Index he was born 6 Nov 1927.  He does not appear on the 1930 census with John and Ann.  John died 31 May 1948 in Bell County and is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery.  Troy also is buried in the same cemetery.  Ann died 13 Dec 1980.  I am guessing she too is buried there as well.

When I looked on the map for Texas I see that Fayette County sits north of Lavaca.  Could you see if there is a marriage record for John Fred, John F. or J. F. Britkrite (or various spellings) and Lucy Cudd?  Or any other Britkrite (or various spellings).  I am also curious if there are any other descendents of this family still living in the area.

I found all this information this afternoon online between ancestry.com and just googling.  Any other information you can find would be very much appreciated. 

Let me know if you have questions.


Cindy Dyer


From Kathy Carter at the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives
I found no Britkrite (or anything similar) or Cudd surnames in our 
marriage indexes. (1838-1995)

Nannie Harrington Lee

Dear Fayette Co. Genealogical Society,

I hope this is the information you are requesting.  I put the information I'm hoping you may be able to help me find.  I am making a heritage scrapbook and ;making copies for family members, so photos are also of great interest.

 I have researched the Bastrop Library for the information requested but found very little.  I know my ancestors owned a city lot in La Grange so I'm hoping you may be able to uncover some of the questions about my family tree.

 It has occurred to me that Nannie Harrington Lee might have been married before she married Nicholas Washington Eastland and perhaps Harrington was her maiden name. I am searching the names of Nannie's parents.   You would expect information about the official state capitol photographer to be an easy find.  Howeer, he was the photographer during a time before the state capitol was burned and records destroyed.  While researching at the capitol library, I was introduced to the present photographer who was composing a book about the capitol's photographers.  He is the one to explain to me that any record of my great great grandfather does not exist in the capitol records because of the fire.

My great grandparents were James Grady Eastland and Mattie Scallorn.  I would like to learn the names of Mattie's parents, and when and where Mattie died.

I am computer illiterate so all my research has been in court house and from previously published books.  I hope that my membership will bring answers to some of my questions.


Peggy Cox



I'm looking for information on Henry A. Allen and Ralph C. Allen who moved to Somerville in 1899. Family history indicates they purchased a sawmill (plantation) in 1904. I'm looking for details. Also, There was a son, Leonard C. who was born in Somerville in 1909 who may have died there before 1920. Any information would be fantastic. I'm planning on being in Somerville about June 19-20, 2009.

 reply | Susan Allen Warner


Hello Connie;
I hope you can help me. I'm a bit confused on a Joseph Heinrich b. 1902; Fayette County.  I don't know who his parents are.  My online searching hasn't lead me in the right direction. 
Thanking you in advance for any help you give me.
Sandy M. Pohlmeyer

Sorry I haven't responded earlier - we were on vacation.  Gerald D. Heinrich has done extensive research on the German Moravian Heinrich family, who immigrated from northern Moravia to High Hill, TX.  There were many Josef/Joseph Heinrichs, adding to the confusion.  He should be the expert, however.
Contact him at: heinrich.history@mail.com
                      Fax 773-913-1863
website: www.geocities.com/~gdheinrich/history
Good luck!
Carolyn Heinsohn
Fayette Co. Gen. Soc.

W.H. McClaine

Carlton Edward


Ms. Sneed, I am trying to locate the burial location of W. H. McClaine. He married Sallie Light Mar 9 1898 in Fayette Co., TX. On the 1900 Federal Census Sallie is listed as a Widow with two children living at Black Jack Springs so I am guessing that W. H. McClaine is buried in Fayette Co.  

I do thank you for any help and wish you much success with your new Genealogical Society


Carlton Edwards



I would like an obit for my mother’s family who died there 06 Nov 1944 in Flatonia.  Her name was Alice Cordelia Keller.  I thought her name was Alice Camey, but her death certificate has Cordelia.  Her maiden name was Andrews.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Ed & Oleda Merrick


Rankin Brothers

My name is Vernon Rankin. I would greatly appreciate any information you could find on the whereabouts of two brothers from Round Top between the dates of 1860 and 1880. William A. Rankin, born 1851 Fayette County and John Taylor Rankin, born 1853 Fayette County. Their father was Dr. C.P. Rankin, he died of yellow fever in 1867. Another brother, Patton A. Rankin was killed in a gun battle in 1869. Their mother was Mary Cole Rankin, died between 1860-1867.
John T. Rankin reportedly went to school somewhere in Williamson County after his father died and was later a jailer and sheriff in La Grange. He owned a farm near Buckner's Creek in 1881. I would like to find out where these boys went to school, what occupations, if any, they pursued and their residences.
Thanks for your help,



Has anyone responded to Vernon Rankin's query re: John Rankin on the FCGS website?  If not, he needs to be referred to Roxanne Johnson's website - www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txfayett/
Judge Ed's three-part story on John Rankin is posted in the "Footprints of Fayette" section.

Christly W. Shults


this is really a nice thing to be apart of

Christly W. Shults is on 1850 census, but is he there by 1840?

Thanks so much
Cynthia Salm
I am descended from "Cintha" on 1850 census


Cavanagh Family

My Name is Gregory Loren Boyd my Grand father was Lawrence P Cavanagh and he was born in La Grange, Fayette, Texas about 1869  

His father was Matthew Cavanagh and his mother was Malissa A 1870 census confirms this. 

He was born in Hamilton Ohio and this last week I found a obit. from  the

The Hamilton Guidon (Hamilton, Ohio) > 1875 > April.  It was posted by the I.O.O.F. lodge number 17 

It confirmed that Matthew was born Feb 3, 1812 in Hamilton. It said he left Hamilton with his family at a young age and moved to Texas,  It further stated that he had a demit Card from the La Grange Texas chapter  Sept 2, 1874. It stated  that he moved back to Hamilton about 5 months before his death March 26, 1875.  He said he left a child and wife.

 Here is the link to the obit.



I do not know who his father & mother was or the full name of his wife. I have a guess that because Malissa was in her thirties in 1870 and he was in his fifties perhaps he was married before . Is there a way to search local records for Matthew and his family I would like to know as many relatives as possible but right now I don’t even know his mother and dad

Thanks you for any help you can give me or and idea where to go

Greg Boyd




Mr. Boyd,
The Fayette Heritage Museum has 11 sheets of information on "Cavanaugh".  One refers to a District Court proceeding where Malissa Cavanaugh is listed as the heir of Henry Crawford.
Cavanaugh's probate is also in the file.  He owned a livery stable in La Grange and is listed as a 22 year old merchant from Ohio in the 1850 Fayette County Census.
If you would like copies of the pages, please send $7.75 and a copy of this e-mail to:
Fayette Heritage Museum
855 S. Jefferson
La Gange, TX  78945
Kathy Carter

Anita Havel

I am trying to find a birth record of my grandmother Anita M. Havel, date of birth 02/04/1908.  She was born in Ellinger.  I was told there is only a hand written record of births before 1934.  I just need to know who to contact and if this information is available.
Becky Chandler
San Angelo, Texas
Answer:  Birth records are on file in the Fayette County Clerks office beginning in 1903 as state law required.  Unfortunately in those first years many births were still not recorded and Anita M. Havel is one of them.  She also does not show up on the Texas birth record index that is on-line.  There is a 2 year old Anita Havel living with her family in Lavaca County in the 1910 census.
Sorry I could not be of more help.
Kathy Carter
Fayette Heritage Museum

Stang Family

I am looking for any information on Hedwiga Stang, daughter of Anton Stang, I have reason to believe she married a Hoffbauer, her sister Antonia (married to Edward H. Klesel), and brothers Anton jr. and Alfons are all buried in St Johns.  Marriage records death records anything would be appreciated

Thank you,

Randy Stang
Petrochemical & Refining Sales
3732 Magnolia St.
Pearland, TX 77584-1600

Office:  1.713.512.6714
Fax:     1.713.512.6748
Mobile: 1.713.376.6368
Email: randy.stang@aggreko.com


Dear Randy,
I am a member of the Fayette Co. Genealogy Society and am answering your query about the Stang family.  This is what I've found so far.
1.  Anton Stang, Sr., son of Anton Stang, born 3/15/1853 in Germany; married Bertha Kuhn; immigrated to Texas in 1885;   
     farmer.  Died on 6/12/1926 in Schulenburg at 79 years, 2 mos., 29 days (Buried at St. John's Cemetery ?)
    Bertha Kuhn, daughter of Eduard and Karolina Kuhn, born in Germany on 6/12/1849; immigrated in 1885; died 7/13/1929
    of senility in Schulenburg at 80 years. 21 days; buried at St. John's Cemetery. Informant - Edward H. Klesel
    1900 census in Lavaca Co. lists the following:
    Anton Stang, Sr., age 53 lived in Precinct 2, west of the Hallettsville to Schulenburg Road and the Mixons Creek crossing
    Bertha, age 50; Ben, age 22; Hedwig, age 20; An* (Antonia ?), age 17; Anton, Jr. 9
    1910 census: Anton, Sr., age 63, Bertha, 61; Anton, Jr. 19; Otilia, age 11; Karolina Kuhn, 80 (Bertha's mother)
    The 1900 census shows that Otilia Stang, age 1 was living with D.H. Clark, 25; Mamie J. Clark, 20; Julia, 3; Dearing, 9 mos.
    in the same area as Anton, Sr. and Bertha.  Perhaps Bertha was ill, so Otilia was staying with neighbors at the time the
    census was taken.  Bertha was 48 years old when she had Otilia.
2.  Bernard (Ben), son of Anton, Sr. and Bertha, born 3/24/1879 in Germany; immigrated in 1885; married Janie Jalufka;
    lived at Rt. 2, Hallettsville, TX; retired farmer; died 4/15/1960 in Colonial Rest Home in Schulenurg at 81 years of
    cerebral hemorrhage (stroke) and general arteriosclerosis; buried at St. John's Cemetery; death certificate informant
    - Ben J. Stang
    Janie Jalufka born around 1880 in Texas, daughter of John and Marie Anna Jalufka of Moravia (now Czech Republic); died
    12/29/1944 of carcinoma of the GI tract and general debility at the San Antonio State Hospital, where she had been a
    resident for four years, four months, and 29 days; buried at St. Mary's Cemetery.
    Georgia Stang, daughter, born around 1906.
    Ben J. Stang, son, born around 1908; died 9/13/1980 in Harris Co. 
3.  Hedwig (Hattie) Stang, daughter of Anton and Bertha Kuhn Stang
    Born in Germany on 2/7/1880; married John Hofbauer, born in Iowa on 12/10/1876; son of
    Frank and Mary ? Hofbauer, both born in Germany.
    Hattie and John are listed in Fayette County 1920 & 1930 census
    Hattie & John later lived at 3704 Dabney St. in Houston.  Hattie died in Houston on 3/15/1963 at 83 years of
    congestive heart failure due to hypertension and arteriosclerotic heart disease.  She was buried in Forest
    Park Cemetery.  Death certificate informant: Mrs. W.J. Rutt/Putt ??
    John Hofbauer died at Jefferson Davis Hospital in Houston on 3/24/1956 at 79 years, 3 mos., 14 days of a massive
    cerebral hemorrhage (stroke); buried in Forest Park Cemetery  Informant: Mrs. C.W. Frenchmeyer, Sr.
4. Antonia, born 6/4/1883 in Germany, immigrated in 1885; married Edward Klesel; died on 6/28/1973 at the Colonial
    Nursing Home in Schulenburg of coronary occlusion due to coronary arterisclerotic heart disease; buried at St. John's
    Cemetery; informant - Edwin J. Klesel 
    Edward Klesel, Jr., son of Antonia and Edward Klesel, born 8/29/1903; married; farmer; died 10/17/1935 at the La Grange
    Hospital at 32 years 1 month, 18 days of cirrhosis of the liver; buried at St. John's Cemetery 
    Margaret Klesel Schramek, daughter of Antonia and Edward, born around 1914; died 3/31/1971 in Houston, age 57
5.  Anton Stang, Jr., born 3/13/1891 in Texas, married Frieda Woelp (deceased) and Wilhemine Schilhab; last residence at
    1103 Wolters St. Schulenburg; died on 4/24/1971 at Youens Hospital in Weimar, TX of coronary occlusion due to
    arteriosclerotic heart disease; buried at St. John's Cemetery. Informant - Eleanora Brauner
    Frieda Schilhab, daughter of William and Anna Flocke Woelp, both born in Europe, born 1/30/1891 in Schulenburg; died at
    Renger Hospital, Hallettsville, Tx. on 2/12/1928 of gangrenous appendicitis; buried at St. John's Cemetery
    Wilhelmine Schilhab, daughter of Rudolph and Mary Haas Schilhab on 11/26/1896; lived at Rt. 4, Schulenburg, TX; died on
    11/18/1961 at Renger Hospital, Hallettsville, TX. of metastatic carcinoma of the colon; buried at St. John's Cemetery
6. Alfons - not much found; not sure of his birth order place
    An Alfons Stang was born abourt 1917 in Lavaca County - possible son of Alfons
   Dale Stang, twin son of Alfonse and Mathilda Berger/Bergen Stang, born in Hallettsville, Tx. prematurely on 6/5/1956; other
   twin stillborn; died at 6 days on 6/11/1956 - cyanosis followed by jaundice - did not respond to treatment - no definitive
Daniel Stang, son of Alfonse, born in La Salle, Tx - not sure if this is the same Alfonse
    Franklin Joe Stang, son of Alfonse - not sure if this is the same Alfonse
7.  Nothing else found on Otilia
8.  Relationships of following individuals unknown:
    Edward Stang, born around 1913
    Edward J. Stang, died 1997 in Harris Co.
    Eleanora Stang, born around 1914; died 1986 in Fort Bend Co.  Possibly the Eleanora Brauner who was the informant
    for death certificate for Anton Stang, Jr.
1900 Lavaca Co. census: Antonia Stang born around 1889, daughter of Joseph Stang, born in Germany around 1859, and   Anna ?, born in Bohemia around 1867; Antonia had sister Karoline, born around 1887.
    Anna Stang, daughter of Frank Pratka, born in Europe on 12/24/1866; widowed; last lived in Moulton, TX.; died in Moulton  on 8/20/1940 of coronary thrombosis due to coronary arteriosclerosis; buried Praha Catholic Cemetery - not sure if related; informant - Jerome Vacek/Vasek.
    1910 Lavaca Co. census: Anna Stang, age 43, Karolina, age 23; Karel Adamcik, age 33
This is all I've found so far.  Hopefully it will help.  If I find anything else, I'll send it to you.
Carolyn Heinsohn


Louis Ganzer

Hi my names is James Ganzer JR and I'm trying to figure out my family tree, so I
was hoping you could help me this is the info I have so far, I would like to know if its possible for you to confirm that my family in TX started off with Louis Ganzer and if your able to find out where he came from "prussia or germany and town" if possible but also if you could get some info on the parents name if possible.

thanks so much for what help you can give.. and if you know any ganzers down there let them know I said HI from Minnesota :)


This is what I have so far

Me=James Ganzer JR.

Father=James Ganzer SR.

GrandFather=Bruno Ganzer

Great Grandfather =Albert or Alfred Ganzer

Great Great Grandfather=Louis Ganzer

This is some of my family burials here. if that helps..

Williams Creek Cemetery - La Grange, Fayette County,Texas 


Dear Mr. Ganzer,
Attached is the information that I found on your family here in Texas.  This is all I was able to locate for you, but was glad to find as much as I did.
You might try to contact a local library in Minnesota that specializes in genealogy to help you find the address for the archive in Germany that houses the records for the city of origin that I found for Louis Ganzer.  That archive might be able to provide more information on his ancestors.
Good luck in your search.
Carolyn Heinsohn
Fayette County Genealogy Society


Carolyn !
I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the help you gave, you did so much for me.
This is a really nice gift you gave to me, if there's anything you need please let me know :)
Once again Thank You.
James K Ganzer
1750 Marion St #15
Roseville, MN 55113



Heller and Murchison

Dear Mrs. Sneed:
How I would like to be in the meeting you are having on October 26th.  But Lubbock, my home is a little too far for an 80 year old to make the trip.  Two of my Great-Great- Grandfathers were in Fayette County when it was still in the Republic of Texas.
On April 2, 1849, according to Deed Records Bk. E pages 337-339 of Fayette County; Francis Heller bought 100 acres of land from John Murchison.  This was evidently when Murchison was raising capital for his trip to the Gold Fields of California.  At that time Heller had a two year old daughter and Murchison had a sixteen year old son that would later marry and become the parents of my mother's father.  Duncan Murchison, the son of John went to the Gold Fields, returned to Fayette County, married Harriett Dodson who died soon after their second daughter was born.  A few years later he married Annettie Heller and their oldest son was John Alexander Murchison, my Grandfather.  I have the large Family Bible which belonged to Duncan and Annettie.  It lists the wife of John Murchison as Sarah Ann Terry, rather than Sarah Ann Robinson, which some reports say was "Probably" his wife.  Annettie Heller was the daughter of Francis Heller by his first wife, who died soon after the third child, Frank Junior was born.  Heller then married Caroline Hillmann, and had five children by her.  I have documentation for most of my information on the Murchison and Heller lines except for the proof of Sarah Ann Terry, and the name of Francis Heller's first wife.  So far her identity is my brick wall.  If any one in your meetings has information about either of these, I would greatly appreciate hearing from them.  Have a great meeting with Mrs. Sheffield.
B A Hyatt
Lubbock, Texas

Conrad Letzerich

Howdy!  I read about the society in the Fayette County Record.
I have been trying to gain more information about my Greatgrandfather, Conrad Letzerich, such as where he came from, when was he natrulized, when did he arrive in Fayette County.  It seems as if there may have been more than one Conrad, no middle name, in the county.  He lived in Warrenton in a two story house that faced the proposed town square and was a carriage maker and undertaker.  He died in 1920 and is buried in the Florida Chapel Cemetery.  One of his daughters, my grandmother, Annie, married William Rummell and is listed in the Bauer-Rummell geneology book, "A Goodly Heritage".  I now own some of his land that he owned on Buckners Creek.
I have five or six books about Fayette County but he does not appear in any except the Fayette County Heritage book published in 1996 and I submitted that reference.  Can you help me?
Leo O. Mueller, Jr.

Harriet Elizabeth Jane Dodson

Hi Connie,

My name is Melanie Schneider and I need some help researching my ancestor.

Her name is Harriet Elizabeth Jane Dodson (parents unproven at this time).  She married Duncan Alexander Murchison in Fayette County Jan. 28, 1858 (can you help me prove that?) and I believe she died in 1862 (can you help prove that, too?).  She died a few months after her daughter Harriet Lucy Murchison was born (can you help me prove she was born in Fayette County?).

Thank you so much for any help you can give,




from Kathy Carter at the fayette Heritage Msueum
Her name is Harriet Elizabeth Jane Dodson (parents unproven at this time).
In our Murchison-Dodson family file it states her parents were James Warnick Dodson & Lucy Elizabeth Ware and that Harriett was born 10-9-1839 and died 11-1861.
  She married Duncan Alexander Murchison in Fayette County Jan. 28, 1858 (can you help me prove that?)
Fayette County Marriage liscense Book B Page 245  Harriet E.I. (or E.J.) Dodson married D.A. Murchison 1-28-1858
and I believe she died in 1862 (can you help prove that, too?). 
There are two Murchison's listed as buried in the Old La Grange City Cemetery
Elender Murchison and an unknown Murchison, no other info
 She died a few months after her daughter Harriet Lucy Murchison was born (can you help me prove she was born in Fayette County?).


Searching for Calvin M. Gage

My name is Marianne Gryder (residing in Bellingham, WA) and have begun my research for my great-great-grandfather.  His name was Calvin M. Gage (b. ~1817 TN, d. 1851 in Caldwell Co., TX.)  He was a Primitive Minister and his death was acknowledged in the Mulberry Church bulletin of Fayette Co. 
If you have the time and resources, could you please check to learn if perhaps he resided in Fayette Co.?  The 1850 census places him in Lavaca Co.  I find no record where he was buried, what he was doing that last year of his life or a will.
Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  I'll be happy to pay any costs.
Thank you,
from Kathy Carter at the Fayette Heritage Museum
I find no information on Calvin M. Gage in our records.


The Fillmore Family.  My aunt (who passed away) stated this african american family originated in Fayette, Texas.  Possibly slaves in the area?  I found Benjamin in the Census of 1880 in District 5 in Fayette, Texas.
Lindsey Fillmore (head, don't know if this is a male or female?)
Lindsey had a child:  Jake Fillmore (Betsey, his wife)
Jake & Betsey's children were:  Benjamin, Rachel, Link, Adrine and Harriett.
They probably went back and forth between Fayette, Giddings and Dimebox.
Link Fillmore, my greatgrand father, had many children by different women.
Rachel Fillmore Cooper was a midwife for the family.
Whatever you can find out would be helpful.  Thanks.
Frances Hansborough

There were many Fillmores in Fayette County and Lee County. 

There are several grave marked Fillmore in the Jones Colony Cemetary on Hwy 180 just north of  Hwy 290.  North west of Ledbetter. 

There were also some Fillmore’s in Doaks Spring Community.  I remember Mr. Lee Fillmore.  Will ask Mother this weekend who were his family members.

Will be in touch.




Wilson Family

William W Wilson/Mary A(Rowe) Wilson/Joseph E Wilson/ Fanny (aka) Martha Wilson/James A Wilson/Mayola Wilson Pryor.
My mother remembered they had a family plot with the Rowes in Winchester Public Cemetery. She doesnt remember who all is buried there. Mary Arena Wilson's maiden name is Rowe. Her parents were Joseph Elgin Rowe and Nancy Pinkney High.
Any assistance would be very much appreciated
Susan Feagan

from Kathy Carter using the cemetery database at the Fayette Heritage Museum

all buried at Wincester Public Cemetery
William W. Wilson  7-24-1871 to 1-21-1951
Mary A. Rowe Wilson 10-30-1874 to 10-2-1913
F.A. Wilson 10-1-1848 to 3-17-1892 wife of J.D. Wilson
N.P. Hall Rowe 11-29-1846 to 6-11-1928 wife of Elgin Rowe
Elgin J. Rowe 10-17-1849 to 11-8-1885
Joseph Elgin Wilson 9-30-1892 to 10-8-1892 son of W.W. & M.A. Wilson

Franciscus Koh

Searching for residence and death information on FRANCISCUS KOH (Widower)
Born:  1833
 TO US:  18Galveston
                                                                           w/Daughter Elizabeth (found in Brazos  Co
                                                                           w/Son Joseph Koh (found in Brazos Co.
                                                                           w/Son #3 (not identified)
    Franciscus possibly died in either Houston or Fayette, County, and the #3 Son may have stayed in Fayette County.  The mother of Children is just listed as "Catherine" no-last-name of Hungary.
    Any information appreciated.
    W. J. Merka
    P.O. Box 1188
    Hilltop Lakes, Tx 77871
    Great-Great Grandson of Franciscus
                                                                            Lived in Houston for about 2 years, then to Fayette Co
                                                                            Elizabeth and Joseph in Church
from Kathy Carter using the cemetery database at the Fayette Heritage Museum.
FRANCISCUS KOH does not have a marked grave listed in our cemetery database


Hello, I am requesting a cemetery lookup in LaGrange for a THOMAS ERNEST SIMPSON he died between 1960 and 1966. He is buried there in LaGrange. His wife name was Rosalee. I would appreciate anything you might find on him. Thank you so very much.
Donna Foley
from Kathy Carter using the cemetery database at the Fayette Heritage Museum
THOMAS ERNEST SIMPSON is not listed in our cemetery database and I did not find his name on the Social Security death index.
There was no Rosalee Simpson either

I am looking for the grave of my great grandfather, William B. Rives.  I believe he died 12-2-23 in Fayette county, and I think in LaGrange.  I would like his birthdate and any info on his headstone.  I know he was born in MS to Nathaniel E. Rives and Jane Nanlea Perdum Rives, whose graves I have been unable to find as well.  I do know that his brother's grave, N.C. Rives, is in the old LaGrange cemetery.  His wife's grave should be with his, "Dollie" America Virginia Carter Rives, d. 10-29-29.
Any info is appreciated.

Thank you,

Leah Rives Kessel
Altamonte Springs, FL
from Kathy Carter using the cemetery database at the Fayette Heritage Museum.
Wm. Lovick Rives
married Georgina Croft 11-7-1912
W.B. Rives
America V. "Dolly" Rives
the above are all buried in the old La Grange city cemetery along with N.C. Rives and his wife Seymoura E. Rives. Their daughter Itasca died in 1876 and is buried at the "Shaw" place


I am hoping that you can find an obit for Arilla D. Rollins Cox. Arilla (Rillie) died in Fayette County March 30, 1930. She was married to Henry Cox.


Catherine Crowder


from Kathy Carter using the cemetery database at the Fayette Heritage Msueum
Arilla Cox  1860-1930
Henry Cox 1860-1943
New La Grange City Cmetery Lot # 90
I found no obituary in the local papers



Good Morning Connie,

I am a descendant of the Bell Family,  Lucretia Walker Bell and Silas Bell.  My ancestor is their son Isaac Bell and his son Thomas Gideon Bell.  I am new to this genealogy stuff but love history.  I know that Thomas married Mary Laura Moseley (also from Fayette county) and they ended up in Hays County (which is where I live).  I am trying to find the date of their marriage or for that matter any information about any of the Bells.  My research has shown that Lucretia lived with her son James Carrol Bell at Round Top (I believe that is correct).  I also saw a book about the Bells of Fayette County by Norman (I forgot his last name off the top of my head) from Schulenburg but have been unable to locate a copy of it. 

My brother and his family actually live near Winchester.  I also have a booth in the little antique mall where the JC Penney catalog store is located.  So, I come down there at least once a month.

Anyway, If you could give me any information or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.  My e-mail address is felpsranch@aol.com or you can reply to my here at work.


Sharon J. Felps

Ms. Sneed,
I am doing research for the Texas Peace Officers Memorial and on the list of officers killed in the line of duty I am trying to track down is a Deputy Sheriff Otto Menn who was reportedly killed in November 1898 and is supposed to be buried at Carmine Cemetery.  If there is any  information available on him it would be greatly appreciated.  I have  his birth information from Washington County, his parents and his widows information.  What I really need is a copy of his warrant as a deputy sheriff from around the 1898 period, a photo of his tombstone or some record of his burial.
The family has been waiting three years for someone to get to this file and although I just began to do this volunteer work I feel very bad that it's taken this long.  
Cliff Caldwell
Kerrville, Texas

 Interested in finding
information on my grandmother who died in La Grange late 1910.
Her name was Bozena (Bessie) Korenek. I beleive she is buried in the
old cementary.
I am hoping to visit La Grange this summer and would like to have a
starting point.
My grandfather was a tailor and worked at a local clothing store, Frank
Korenek. My mother was only 8 mos. old when my grandmother died.
Hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction.
Thank You
Allan Kobellas


from Kathy Carter using cemetery database at the Fayette Heritage Museum
There is no marked grave for this person in the old or new La Grange city cemeteries



I am interested in learning where/how I can find out any information on my ancestors that lived in Fayette County.   This would have been late 1800's to early 1900's in the area of Fayetteville, Lyons, Ellinger. 
The Sirnames are:
Jurica, Anton & Magdelania (immigrated)
Tidlacka, Josef & Francis (immigrated)
Tydlacka/Tydlaska, Joseph Thomas born 1878 Fayetteville (son of Tidlacka and my grandfather)
Tydlacka, Charles Joseph or Jindrick Edward or Rudolph or Stepan (all born in Fayetteville 1883, 87, 89, & 95 respectively)
Frazer, John Leaval (moved from KY), James Milton (born in 1869 Lyons)
I have more info if this is a good contact point.
Please advise, thanks
Larry Frazer

Have a great day!
Larry Frazer
I am researching the Dedek and Dornak families of Fayette Co., TX.  I have obtained some info from the heritage society in the past, but am missing some others.  I thought maybe there had been updates to the information available.  These are the names and dates of the individuals I am still searching for:
Barbara Dornak Peter - d. 1896, buried in Dubina Cemetery
Mathias Peter, d. ?
Marie or Mary Dornak Dedek, d. about 1912-1913 -- this is not the one that died in 1923
Rosalie Dornak, d. about 1880, buried in Dubina
Josef Dornak, d. about 1880
Frank/Frantisek Dornak, born Apr 24, 1870?, died ??
Albina Dedek Holub, d. Dec. 25, 1951
Sophie/Zofie Dedek Bayer, d. Aug. 20, 1954
All of the family, that I know of, was Catholic.  Many were baptised at St. Rose of Lima in Schulenburg and many family members are buried there also.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.  I am happy to reimburse you for any expenses incurred.
Jaime Dilger
11503 Inwood Drive
Houston, TX  77077

Jaime Teas Dilger


One of the reasons I'm passing is that I am still gathering more information for Jamie Dilgers on her Dornak/Dedek family.  Since her family came from the area around Frenstat in Moravia, our sister city, I was able to get a "ton" of information about the villages with photos, articles about their lifestyle, foods they ate and preparation, etc.  The Czechs have been very good about extracting Czech names from census records, church records, marriage records, etc., so I've copied pages and pages of these records for her - all total of about 50 pages, some of which I've already sent her.  The rest goes out today. 

Carolyn Heinsohn

Fayette County Genealogical Society


Amaziah Baker

I have an ancestor Amaziah Baker who was given a land grant in Fayette County during the Republic of Texas days. I am trying to find out the location of this land. I do know that it is Abstract 8, Fayette County, 4428.4 acres anf there is a note that just says Cummings Creek. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks
Chris Buford